For some years, I stopped taking the vitamin supplements I used to take for many years. I felt good by just eating healthy, and I didn’t find them necessary anymore. Now with Covid-19, many people say these supplements help to reduce the symptoms from Long Covid. So I ordered the ones I used to take for years. These were prescribed by an orthomolecular physician years ago. I would have liked to see her for a check-up; since I cannot travel to see her, I ordered online without a checkup.

The Omega 3-6-9 and Vitamin C still the same as before. The Multivitamins I had to change because the brand I used is not producing anymore. As an extra boost, I ordered a Q10 15-day-course.

After two weeks, it seemed to help a little bit, so I ordered more and stronger Q10. And more multivitamins. This time I got other multivitamins. Something went wrong with ordering, and I ordered the wrong ones with Vitamin K. After a week, my INR dropped, and I didn’t realize it was because of the vitamins.

After 3 weeks, the Thrombosis service told me to start with injections again. I refused because I was frustrated being ill and seeing so many doctors, no one able to help me. I was adjusting my medication already; the thrombosis service hadn’t adjusted that in their system. So they gave me a lower prescription. That day I started to dose myself. I could because I took a course many years ago. Now I’m fine, and I use a different kind of multis during the week, one with vitamin K and another one with different kinds of vitamin B.

I’m far from my old self; the long Covid stays unpredictable. After 3 months of using them, I have the feeling these vitamins help a bit—enough reason to continue, despite the ups and downs long Covid is causing.

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DAPHNE IN STOCKINGS is a writer with a blog telling her story about surviving blood clots, living with FVL, blood thinners, and stockings. And coping with Covid-19 twice in 2020. She's telling her story about building resilience in a physical and mental struggle to heal.