Partner blog (english)

The past 20 months have been very tough. At first, I didn’t know what was happening to me. Until step by step, there is more insight, a bit of acceptance, and you can learn to deal with it as far as that is possible.

What bothers me a lot at the moment is; articulating things clearly. (telling chronologically, word-finding problems, holes in my memory and not finding memories stored somewhere, not remembering from reading text). Which makes conversations with doctors, company doctors, authorities applying for WIA… difficult. And it is also incredibly strenuous and tiring.

My friend recently took over a lot from me, also in this regard. That’s great. When I listen to what he says about me and the way he expresses what I can no longer do myself, I cry and laugh at the same time. On the one hand, I’m disappointed that I can’t do it myself anymore; on the other hand, it gives insight into how bizarre Long Covid has made my life. Stories are needed to show what Long Covid is doing to us. Not just the ones it happens to, but also the stories of loved ones. If you or your partner want to share a story, you can email it to: