My story

I’ve started ‘Daphne in stockings’ because I had my third leg thrombosis in March 2020. I also had Covid-19 twice in 2020.

I’m happy I’m still alive, although my life quality changed. It has a great impact on my daily life. Adjusting and finding a new balance is a hell of a job, especially because it’s a battle I’m fighting alone. I tried visiting doctors, therapists, and finding answers on the internet by reading fellow sufferer’s stories. Unfortunately, it’s my body that’s determining my possibilities. The influence of Covid-19 and thrombosis manifests differently for every person. It’s my duty to listen carefully to help myself heal, physically and mentally. And accept and cope instead of fighting it.

I welcome you to be a part of my journey. A journey about coping with loss and finding a new purpose in life with my abilities of the moment. A journey about healing, setbacks, and finding my way in the right treatments.

I’m not a doctor. So if you feel you should see one, after reading my blogs, do so. I can tell that you have to be persistent in getting your medical questions answered from my experience. Not every doctor is hearing what you are telling. You rather see a doctor one time more and be sure they answer all your questions and examine you properly. Living with thrombosis or the treatment also means you live with many risks you need to be aware of.

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