Memory and concentration.

Previously, D. had all appointments in a row: all appointments at work, sports, household, hobbies, friends, arrangements rolled out without a calendar, without a telephone. Nothing was weird or too much.
“D. you know…” Yes, on the…., there and there. A memory like an elephant, giving conversations back verbatim. She was able to describe events cinematically. Sometimes to the bizarre.
Unfortunately, since the middle of the covid contamination/recovery, I regularly hear: “Oh yes? I do not know anymore”. “D. we discussed that yesterday”. “Lost it!, stupid huh?”
She now writes down everything she does. All appointments are in a diary (even if that is only one a week because there is simply no more energy in it), even taking medicines, pricking blood, and puffing with the inhaler. There are notes, reminders for everything.
Doctor visits in Delft yield strange scenes: Crying in the tram, heading the wrong direction, getting lost in the hospital and being late for appointments, falling asleep on a bench in the city.
Driving a car, which she loved very much (a trip to Paris, for example), is also life-threatening. There is no overview, goes through a red light, drives against the direction, parks incorrectly. That is why the car has been in the garage for months.
The result for me is driving a lot, taking her to the city, driving to specialists, driving for a trip with the wheelchair; she no longer comes to my house or does weekly groceries. In short, it takes more time, more hassle to get it right.
Last holiday, we were away with her car, but she has not been sitting behind the wheel. After 5 km, she grabbed her neck pillow and left for dreamland only to wake up two cities later: “Are we there yet?”
Driving is a bit boring and monotonous before laughing, having fun, and always having a conversation or a trip. Now I need to be quiet because D. sleeps and needs rest. Lovely, well, no. You go away together but are alone.

Written by Ben