It’s always sad to lose my taste during Covid-19. I experienced it once in spring, and when it came back in summer, I was so surprised. For the first time, I was really enjoying something that has always been in my life before, and I always took it for granted.

In December 2020, I didn’t notice my smell and taste disappeared again. It began with coffee. I love to try a different kinds of beans, so once a month I go to Simon Levelt to buy some different and new beans. When my friend visited, I told him the coffee tasted musty. He told me nothing was wrong with the coffee. It was my taste, disappearing again.

This time I wasn’t so sad about it, because I knew it was a temporary thing. It was less hard to accept, maybe because the other things about my health concern me more. I tried a different approach. Because I didn’t taste my food, I tried to make things with diverse structures. Crispy toast, meals with veggies with different bites, using spicy curry tinkling in my mouth. It made eating more worthwhile without my taste.

After three months, I tasted the sweet ananas and sauerkraut in an oven dish I made. It was amazing to taste again. I was so surprised again. I bought my favorite bread, my favorite cheese, and delicious coffee beans for lunch this week. It made me aware of my own happiness and thankfulness for these meals and tasting them again.

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DAPHNE IN STOCKINGS is a writer with a blog telling her story about surviving blood clots, living with FVL, blood thinners, and stockings. And coping with Covid-19 twice in 2020. She's telling her story about building resilience in a physical and mental struggle to heal.