Due to the Facebook group about blood-clots, I came in contact with a woman from Poland. She read my blog and told me the things I’m struggling with are Covid-19 related. She knew because she is experiencing blood-clots, DVT and Covid-19 at the same time, as well.

I’m still ill, after periods I did a bit better. Last week I had a few good moments. I slept during the night and hours during the day. Small things like doing groceries, cooking simple meals, cleaning the house, going out for a walk, joining a meeting takes planning. Normal activities I did besides a 40-hour workweek a year ago.

For appointments with my GP or at the hospital, they always ask you if you have a fever, a cold, or if you’re experiencing trouble breathing in a way you can’t speak anymore. The symptoms that I’m experiencing are different, and I never associated them with Covid-19.

Next week I’m visiting a neurologist that I’m going to tell him about my symptoms. I will mention my symptoms in a later post after my visit. For now, I like to share a news item from the American program PBS News Hour about Covid-19 Longhaulers.

Now I’m happy managing one or two activities a day, without going to work or a gym. It’s so difficult to make choices because so little is possible in one day. The picture above from Thrombosis UK gives me a helping hand in staying nice to myself and positive in a situation that seems neverending.

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DAPHNE IN STOCKINGS is a writer with a blog telling her story about surviving blood clots, living with FVL, blood thinners, and stockings. And coping with Covid-19 twice in 2020. She's telling her story about building resilience in a physical and mental struggle to heal.