During our stay in Langres, we biked on the walls of the city. We visited the church, had coffee on a terras, and went to a market. It was a market with biological veggies. We bought chicken, veggies, and bread for dinner.

That evening I enjoyed my meal very much. While eating, I realized I got my taste back. It had been gone for months. I tasted a bit, but not fully anymore. I was happy because I love cooking and to eat nice and tasteful food. I hadn’t expected it would come back.

Langres was also our last stay that holiday. Besides resting and biking, we also went to a ruin from a castle. Because it was closed, we walked around it. I liked it because it was the first exciting walk in a very long time. During that walk, I enjoyed taking pictures. My hematologist also called during that walk. Unfortunately, I missed that call cause my new telephone stayed silent.

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