As I have always worked hard, it’s so hard not to work and be ill. I tried many things to get well, as you all can read in my blog. As I have only a teaspoon of energy each day, almost everything goes up in my household. And if I take my energy elsewhere, it gets messy.

The only possibility for me seemed to work in my sleep because one of the symptoms of Long Covid is increased sleep. At first, I found this a bit silly and unreachable. As I practiced new habits, I became happier. I started with exchanging habits. Journaling, thankfulness for the smallest things, and meditations. Something happened with my awareness during the meditations. I started to work with lofty questions before going to sleep and awareness of my dreams and theta state.

Bang… Something amazing happened… Now I get ideas for poems, quotes, stories, videos in my theta state. Things I was never good at, came to me out of nowhere. They still do. I started to create little artworks, which brought back happiness in my life. Designs made from my bed or my couch. Being ill with a tablespoon of energy each day needs a lot of creativity to cope and still enjoy.

My friend, Ben told me to do something with this amazing gift. So I decided to find a way, to bring something into this world. Inspired by my newly opened world of chronic illness, I am making this gift meaningful for me and others, by making some of my work available in the form of gifts.

I never realized how lonely it can be to be chronically ill. If you have a loved one, a family member, a friend, a colleague, a neighbor, let them know they still belong to society, and they aren’t forgotten. These gifts are made to support them on their unbearable journey.

The collections and this website are constantly under construction. Inch by inch, step by step, a little becomes a lot… The profit I gain from selling these products from now till Christmas Eve (2021) will be donated to ‘Longfonds’.